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  1. So long and thanks for all the fish!

    August 18, 2014 by Markus Renfors

    Markus Renfors

    Well this is it. Cheapstamatic will not be continued. I doesn’t really make me sad, but it has been had to realize that it should be cancelled.

    I really want to thank all who have been using it. Hopefully it has given you some joy. From my part I consider it an success.

    The site has already been killed. will stay alive until it is time to renew the domain name which is in february 2015. Enjoy until then.

    Again: Thanks for all the support!

  2. I have good and bad news

    May 24, 2014 by Markus Renfors

    imageI have been working with the new Cheapstamatic page for a year and a half, the page is almost exactly as I wanted it and I am really proud of the result. But, if you check the time between my posts here you see that my time is not enough to keep up a good pace for developing. I have been thinking for a while and decided to cancel the sevelopment of Cheapstamatic for a while. The site will be running as long as the ads pay for the expenses, but the new Cheapstamatic will not be continuing developing.

    So I told the bad news first. Now for the, somewhat, good news.

    Since the new Cheapstamatic was quite functional, I decided that it would be a waste not using it. Therefor I have allowed public access for the new site. It has a whole new design – and NAME! Curious? Just hop on over to to try it out! (Note: smartphone/tables there is a bug when downloading the finished image. Bug me about it and I’ll fix it!)

    I’m really sad that I cannot continue this project, but there is not enough hours in the day for everything. If someone is interested in developing it further, just send me a mail on and we can check out what the options are.

  3. Long overdue update

    January 6, 2014 by Markus Renfors

    shabbypic-previewI realize that I havn’t said anything for a long time. I have been struggeling with lots of stuff and have been back and forth about doing anything on Cheapstamatic at all. The spreading of smartphones and tablets and free apps in these had me wondering if my web based app is worth developing further. But since I see that people continue using it I figured that there is a need for it.

    I have during this year made a lot of tries in remaking the application. I have had a lot of different ideas that hasn’t panned out. But the last three months I have been working on a version that I really like. The design is responsive, which means that it should be working fine on any device and there are a lot of opportunities for future development.

    Maybe you cant see much of the interface from the image in this post, but it gives the general idea of how it works. There are some parts left to add so there will not be a link to try it out just yet. You may wonder why the logo is blurred. That is one of the bigger changes to the brand, because the name will be changed. (No real change for you! :) )


    Why change the name?

    The name change is based on two things:

    1. A unique name not based on any other. The name “Cheapstamatic” were a distortion of “Hipstamatic” with the “cheap” pointing out that it was free. Hipstamatic hasn’t sued or anything, but I felt that if this application is going to develop it should do it on it’s own name.
    2. The is taken and expensive to purchase. When I decided to get my own domain-name for Cheapstamatic the .com-address was already taken. It has been used by someone else over the years as an ad-site. I have asked for a price to buy it, but the offers have been to much for me to justify spending. (It really is flattering that it seems to be worth holding on to. :) ) Don’t worry: The address will continue working fine.

    What is the new name?

    I will not tell you just yet. :) It is shorter and easier to type so it will probably be better for all. I will tell the name when I have a more complete site to present.


    Thank’s for all the support over the years. And your patience for no updates for a long while.

  4. Yet another frame!

    May 1, 2013 by Markus Renfors

    Photo by my good friend Elisabeth

    While I was cleaning out boxes and drawers full of old notes and drawings and bills and junk, I found and box with old slides that, I guess, have been used in school when computers didn’t exist. The slides are made of glass and quite large (about 6×6 cm).

    I used one of them to take a photo through and realized that it would be perfect for a frame on Cheapstamatic. So, there it is. I called it “Slide” and it will probably appear in the end of the frame list.

    I really like the outcome. Hope you do to. :)

  5. No frame frame

    April 24, 2013 by Markus Renfors

    Due to several requsts I made a “No frame” frame. It removes the frame overlay and will not crop your image. It is placed under frames with the image to the right as icon.

    The new Cheapstamatic progress?

    I have been super busy and the developing of the new Cheapstamatic has it’s ups and downs. I have now reached a design that I think will be awsome. Basically I have remade the design three times. The last version is going to be “responsive” which basically means that it will be easy to use on most devices. I will hopefully soon be able to present to you the basic design and features.

  6. New web server – yay!

    January 19, 2013 by Markus Renfors

    I have finally found a way to get more power to Cheapstamatic – a personal web server which is scalable to the future needs of Cheapstamatic. As I mentioned before the limitiations of the server have been the main reason why I havn’t been able to develop the functions further.

    The new server does not only have more power to offer, but is also under my full control. That means I can adjust settings and install modules just as I please. I have only just begun, but it is looking pretty good. The first thing I did was to install an image editing software which will speed up things quite a bit. It will not only get faster – it has a lot of options which will improve the possibilities for effects and also the quality is better. So: everything will get better! :D

    You might have noticed the ads that have been placed on the site recently. I don’t really like ads but they are paying for the new server so I feel that they are necessary. I hope you feel the same way! Cheapstamatic will always be free, but I have been thinking of some extra features that might require some payment. For instance I have been looking at a service that would make it possible to send the finished image as a postcard. If you have an awesome idea that you couuld consider paying for, then please contact me.

    The image is a test of new server functionality: Super imposed images with blue filter and some blur!

  7. Suggestions for next generation Cheapstamatic

    November 30, 2012 by Markus Renfors

    The development of the next version of Cheapstamatic is on the go. It looks like it could really be great. There are still some issues regarding the processing capabilities but hopefully I will have more information at the end of the year.

    So: What would YOU like on Cheapstamatic?  I bet you have a lot of suggestions. Write a comment in the comment field for this post. Every comment is helpful.

    Link to page to comment if you don’t see it below



  8. Use Cheapstamatic on iDevices

    October 20, 2012 by Markus Renfors

    While visiting another site I noticed, by accident, that you can now upload images from your iPad/iPhone. Before, that wasn’t possible. At least not by any direct method. I don’t know if it is the update to iOS6 that made the change…

    My main focus is not iDevices since there are a lot faster ways to edit photos on them, but I like it still. My future plan is to make the process faster and more handheld friendly, so it is good to know that the support is as wide as possible! As I know it works on Android units.

  9. Photography in general

    October 5, 2012 by Markus Renfors

    I have been thinking about what to do with Cheapstamatic a lot lately. I have gotten in contact with some interesting sites to provide some more value to you – the users.

    One thing that I think would be really cool is to make prints of the image, or send it as a postcard. I got in touch with a good web service which looked promising. Unfortunately the quality (image size) of Cheapstamatic are to poor for this to work.

    That is the main problem with the development of the site, right now. I need to move it to some other platform where it can be able to process larger images. That would not only result in larger images, but also in better quality in the image. A lot of things have been a compromise for Cheapstamatic to be able to work.

    I have been thinking of what to make better and a thing I really would like to make is a more template based interface. The settings as they are today could of course be the same, but there can also be a collection of fixed settings/filter/frame that are a nice combination. One of the template collection I like to make is like a history of photography – where time typical images can be made with a single click. I have been starting to research for this…

    Was there anything else … Yes, the headline! In my research I have read big photography books – and I realized that photography is amazing. Do it yourself. Check out a big book of photography and just look at the history in all the pictures. Some years ago I liked the beautiful pictures, but now I tend to love the more documenting images. You realize that there is a story behind every photo.

  10. Cheapstamatic publish unavailable

    August 11, 2012 by Markus Renfors

    I have temporarly disabled the feature to publish  your finished image  on the start page. The reason is that I have gotten to many mail saying they published the images by mistake, and want the images removed. I have no problem with fulfilling wishes like this, but unfortunately it takes a lot of time to find the right image and delete it completely.

    So, for now, the feature is unavailable. The button is there but pressing it will only tell you that it is unavalable! The images already made public are not deleted, but moved away from the site until I decide what to do next.

    I am currently on vacation and working via my iPad so I cannot do more than small fixes. The future will probably have some user login available. Then this sort of problems will be fixed, because then the logged in user can delete her/his images on their own. But more on that later….

    Happy Cheapstamaticing, y’all!