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Markus Renfors

It's me!

I have a fascination for old things – in particular old photography. I have spent hours in flee markets browsing the post card and photo carts – always fascinated by the stories hidden behind the photos (and texts).

If you, like me, love the imperfect old photos – then you might like this site. Digital photography is amazing – everybody has the opportunity to be photographers. But I often look at them and think they are too perfect, so I try to make them look older. I know it´s really stupid but I cant help it! :-D

I have made a site called Cheapstamatic where I have developed an application that takes your digital image and gives it an old touch. There are some great apps out there with the same purpose and I can’t compete with them in some ways – although I relly believe that my application has some advantages.

The plan is to write about my findings about retro photo related subjects, and also present news for Cheapstamatic.

I also have some other, more or less serious, project:


  1. Erik says:

    Great site! Loved to play around with pictures, aging them. Will come back, for sure, and age more.
    Keep up the good work!


    PS: So many of us want to stay young, and yet we age our pics. Lovely paradox!

  2. Võ Minh Khoa says:

    I do not know much about what you say but I love this site. thank !


  3. Mia says:

    Very interesting application, love the idea at Lol @ “The pursuit of shabbiness”, very cute phrase. The app is very useful to me for big projects, so thanks for creating it. :)

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